Spring 2018 Executive Board

Jenny Xie, President

Jenny is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in English and minoring in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. In addition to CIAR, she is involved with Roosevelt Institute as Center Director for Environmental Policy, the Student Assembly Environmental Committee, Climate Justice Cornell, and the Policy Debate Team. She is particularly interested in the intersection of law and literature and environmental/energy policy.

Ronni Mok, editor-in-Chief

Currently a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, Ronni is double majoring in economics and statistics. Having taken the role of VP of finance last year, Ronni now is the editor-in-chief of CIAR. In addition to CIAR, she is involved with the Daily Sun, the Cornell International Business Association, and the Student Assembly Funding Commission on campus.

Yujing Wang, managing editor

Yujing Wang is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, and she is double majoring in Government and Asian Studies. She joined Cornell International Affairs Review as a freshman and served as a forum facilitator where she hosted a panel for Cornell University’s CAPS professors to discuss US-China relations. Aside from her devotion to CIAR, she also enjoys performing on the violin at local nursing homes and teaching at schools in the Ithaca community. Fun Fact: she can pop all her ball-and-socket joints and has hitchhiker’s thumbs.

Olivia Goldring, external operation chair

Olivia Goldring is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is the VP of Outreach for CIAR. She majors in French, Government, and Psychology and is extremely interested in political theory and social cognition. In addition to her involvement in CIAR, she is a member of the a cappella group Nothing But Treble and a research assistant in the Automaticity Lab. Her psychology honors thesis research focuses on racial bias and decision making. Next year, she will be working as a Legal Analyst in New York.

Robin Moon, internal operation chair

Robin is currently a sophomore in College of Arts and Sciences who majors in Economics. He hosted a panel about the Catalan independence and its impact on Europe in 2017.  He is very much interested in the international political landscape and the economic policies that international organizations implement. 

Adriana Veliz, Social Chair

Adriana is a junior in College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a degree in Economics as well as a minor in Business. She is the president of Glow Club and is also a member of Cornell Finance Club. She was a former intern at Related Group and worked as a summer analyst at Barclays Capital.

Christina Lu, Treasurer

Christina is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences and a prospective government and economics double major. She joined the Cornell International Affairs Review because she is fascinated by the complex intersection of politics and economics that shapes our world. On campus, besides being the treasurer for CIAR, Christina is also a member of GlobeMed and a Fellow of POLIS, Cornell’s only pre-professional fraternity for individuals interested in pursuing careers in government and politics. In her free time, you can usually find her reading, drawing, or exploring Ithaca.